5 Random Facts About Chloe the Diva Dog


1) Thinks she is human:
Although everyone can plainly see that she is of the canine family, she herself does not see it that way. Hence, when we humans sit down at the dinner table to partake in our food, Chloe the diva looks up at us with those judging eyes as if to ask, “human, where is my plate?!”

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen”
~Orhan Pamuk

2) Likes a tummy rub but LOVES a good scratch at the base where her tail starts:
This is when her eyes glazes over and she does this stupid tongue protruding thing…

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag”~
W.H. Auden

3) At sharp 6pm, she expects to be fed. Pronto..:
Otherwise, she will stare you down like a rattlesnake in heat..

“After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation” ~Robert McCammon

4) Loves a walk, hates getting wet:
When it starts to drizzle outside, Miss Diva will look towards to sky, look towards me, then runs to her bed. As if to say, “Human, how about YOU go for a walk…”

“It’s hard not to immediately fall in love witha dog who has a good sense of humor” ~Kate DiCamillo

5) Hates cats:
Need I say more?

Now, here’s 15 random facts about a human child I know who although is not as cute as the diva, can be pretty weird herself..

High on Lows


So It Begins

Today I am reminded of how surreal life can actually become. Take having children for example. Now, being a mom with four teenagers has it’s fair share of ups and downs, and no doubt, I am not proclaiming to be an expert mother and a perfect saint but I am pretty confident that I have done a pretty good job raising my lot. All that diaper changing, snot wiping, hair pulling…I can go on forever with what went on in my life’s chapter when my children were little but now that they are in their teens, all of a sudden, the tables have turned and instead of me instructing them to do things, I now have to listen to them in order for things to be done. Surreal. Surely. But frankly, I would not have it any other way. We have made raising confident and fun loving children intentional and looking at how far these slave drivers have come along, my husband and I can’t hide the fact that we are pretty plum proud. Here is a clip for you to have a taste of how crazy two of them are. Who knows! Maybe next time, they may just showcase Diva dog…

High On Lows